I’ve been thinking a lot about where I am in life. How I got here. How not to mess things up badly. And all while trying not to compare myself to others my age because that is destructive. But today I woke up tired of thinking about things that are in the past. I’ve realized that these things I’m thinking about have happened and I can’t change them. It’s worthless to focus on the past and better to think of what to do next, what feels right and to not waste the days that come by. 

I pray that I make the right choices. 

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a reset button

i’ve been having a lot of internal battles lately. i want to start over with everything. i need to figure out what my passions truly are and what their purpose is. what i want to do is press the restart button with everything in my life. and that in itself is far from easy. 

why I don’t see it for asap rocky

  1. he has said that only fair-skinned ladies can get away with wearing red lipstick but not dark skinned women. and his response to the backlash was even more disturbing
  2. he believes the cure to racism is interracial dating - ?????

case closed~

Sometimes you need people to show you who and the type of person you want to become.

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