spending time alone is essential 

I’m actually exhausted from pretending everything is okay. 

But then again I can endure this better than opening up to someone. 

So cheers to silent pain. 

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I don’t know where all this is going. 

Time is a strange thing. 

Sometimes you’ll climb mountain after mountain. And then a smooth curved path is in sight. Somewhere a long that path a speed bump shows up. It’s not a climb when compared to the mountain. But it is tiresome nonetheless. 

Today my roommate told me about a guy she’s seeing only because she feels lonely. A part of me is curious to know what she’ll feel about these decisions in a year. Will this be a life changing moment? Regret? Or nothing?

Stagnation is a place I’m familiar with. I don’t want to be here anymore. 

"Do what you want." 

Pretty sure I read that somewhere. I probably tell people the same. “Want” is such a nice word. Want. Want. Want. I want. What about what life in it’s unpredictability wants? Is want like a trick question? 

Anyway, it doesn’t matter in the end. From when I started typing this to ending it, I’m not sure much changed. But time did pass. So strange. 

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Source: 10 daily steps for less stress.

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*breathing exercise*

trying not to snap at my roommate. i’m going to be blunt tonight with her because privacy is a thing i cherish 

so much for being a life long friend. this is why it takes years for me to consider people friends