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i think since i’m awake and angry and it’s late, i’ll watch pacific rim again

drift compatibility. 

what a thing to aspire to achieve. not with you though. your chance has sailed. 

tonight i have learned that you are not healthy 

it’s been a while since my body and heart hurt at the same time. 

never again. 

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Housewarming gift ideas

So I guess it’s only natural that after a flood of summer weddings come housewarming parties—how do people afford all this?? Christ help me—but seeing as I have one to attend this weekend and another next weekend, I realized I have no idea what to give new homeowners hence the birth of this list. If this helps anyone out there then awesome. 

1. Pretty fire extinguishers that don’t need to be hidden in a corner 

2. Create a personalized hamper via your diy skills, resources and knowledge of the homeowner

3. If they have a backyard you could give them a tree to plant 

4. Miscellaneous and unexpected items like wine racks, keyring holders and indoor bike racks

5. And for the plant lover there’s always a bonsai tree or terrarium option 

so facebook now wants to occupy my memory with 2 apps?? nah. i’ll check messages on my computer. it ain’t ever that serious.  HD
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i miss you. your silence is deafening. 

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